10X I.T. is an I.T. consultancy capable of evaluating and implementing the best answers for your specific needs. The key to our success is our focus on what is best for the company and its users. Fully capable of implementing any cyber security requirements needed to satisfy audits and certifications.

Cyber Security Audit Ready

We build our networks from a security framework that will protect your valuable company data and pass security audits.  We can review your network to identify and implement changes needed to be more secure.

Network Administration

Plan and build your network complete with remote access and remote sites. Implement one or many servers and systems in multiple buildings.

Microsoft 365

We standardize clients with MS 365. Including Exchange email, MS Teams, Sharepoint and more.

Network Tunneling

Network Tunneling will assist in your companies need for remote work or remote sites. This is the best way to create a link between headquarters and an external site.

Projects & Technical Management

Have your projects managed by individuals with a proven on time track record. We manage all sizes of projects with our informed finanical and technological decisions.

Technical Support

Flexible Technical Support to assist end users, servers and company network resources.


At the heart of every network is the perimeter Firewall, which filters and catches malicious traffic.  We configure to meet the needs of the client while securing from Cyber attacks.

Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security to keep devices secure.